Sunday, January 27, 2008

Just got my daily buck. FREE! Gotta love that. Its been over 2 months since I wrote a blog. Guess I've been a little busy. Last blog was Nov. 14th. The following day I started a travel business. I'm a Referring Travel Agent with YTB. Check out my website:
I'll write more on the travel company later....

Its a lovely rainy day here in Palm Springs, CA. I actually like the rain....just not when I lived in Seattle. So my apartment mgr is this really crazy lady. She wears the same black dress daily and has a rental car year-round even though her "actual car" runs fine and is parked next to mine. Why? I have no clue. So this morning she calls the fire department because she thinks were going to flood. We currently have 1 big puddle that isn't putting any of us in danger. If anything, my apt would be the first to flood and I'm not concerned that it will. She demands that they put sand bags out and instead they give her the bags and tell her to do it herself. I had to laugh. She is so helpless.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cell Phones...rude? or not rude?

Since I work in retail I understand what its like trying to ask customers questions while they are ignoring you and talking on their cell phone...that's when I start talking louder or just stare at them.

This morning at the Buck I was standing in line when it was a gentleman's turn to order. He was quite engaged in his cell phone conversation that he had no clue what was going on around him. The lady right behind him, whom was making cell phone usage remarks to the rest of us in line, started ordering her coffee beans and drink of the day.....and at that moment the cell phone man started ordering his drink, while still on his phone...thats when the tennis match started. She was yelling at him, he was yelling back. It was fun to watch, I just wished I'd already had my coffee to make it more enjoyable.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Personal Space

Can you sense when someone is behind you? Do you need your personal space? This morning at Starbucks I was standing in line, my boyfriend in front of me. I felt someone come up behind me. And I mean really close. I saw my boyfriend turn around and look. His expression said it all....I had to turn around. And when I did the man behind me kinda freaked. I wasn't who he thought I was. He recognized me as his "friend" from the back of my hair..."You have the same haircut". He kindly apologized, and I accepted. Thinking about it now I wonder why he couldn't have just said "Hi" instead of breathing down my neck.

There are times when I understand that their isn't a lot of space so you must squish together. But sometimes when I'm in line at Starbucks or other stores I feel like my personal space gets violated. Why must you stand within 6 inches when you have enough room to fit a semi behind you.... Thats when I use to flick my hair (when it was longer) or I throw my purse up on my shoulders and "oops" I didn't mean to hit you....haha....ok I did. Until next time Buckers!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Buck...Doggie Style

I had a fun trip to the buck this morning. Now that the weather has cooled off in the AM (high 70s...I know I suck), we like to take our dog with us and hang out on the patio. She had a good time being the little slut that she is... checking out the other guys on the patio and giving kisses when allowed. Although the fun began as we left. A beautiful 9 month old, full-grown, Italian Greyhound was being leashed by her father. Talk about a playful pup. That dog was whipping her poor father around in circles, wrapping him up with her leash. Good thing he didn't have a cup of coffee in his hands, he'd turn into a Frapp. The dogs played a little, but its kinda hard being on a leash. I've loved to have seen them in a yard or at the dog park. Kela also has some greyhound in her and loves to run. At home she can be found chasing or being chased by her boyfriend...aka neighbor dog...they love to go in circles around the pool which is positioned in the middle of our complex.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

What the Buck?

Well, this is my first blog ever! Yeah me! I never really knew what to write or where to get my content. Then out of the blue it hit me... What is something I do daily or multiple times a day? I go to STARBUCKS! I must have my caffeine intake. I also love to people watch. Its also been a passion of mine. So I'll be using this space to share all of the randomness I encounter on my trips down the street to my local Buck.